About company


We combine people striving to develop by providing opportunities for building effective business. Together, we make tools for creation online projects and business applications quickly, easily and at a reasonable cost, leaving more time for creativity.


1. Develop a truly great platform and a set of business solutions.

2. Create a cloud service for maintanance sites.

around the world.


1. Provide small and medium business with simple & flexible business solutions requiring minor training & ready for use.

2. Offer objectively quality and comprehensive services in order that other market players could confidently use our services and develop their qualifications.

3. Involve new partners into the partnership association, enhance their qualifications and show advantage of labor differentiation efficiency.

4. Intensively distribute our solutions among as much as possible number of market players to provide the project with financial, human and nonmaterial resources.

5. Design a new unique platform satisfying the Itinity mission. 


The main idea of the project is to improve the efficiency of work on creation of sites and their support, to reduce the requirements for the competence of users and at the same time to ensure the highest quality of the finished web-service.

Itinity appeared in 2011 as a result of five years of experience in creating online projects.


At present, we are working to improve the usability of platform and development of partner network. We are already negotiating with partners in Europe and Israel.

The company plans to significantly expand the range of ready-made solutions, as well as to make localization to a larger number of countries.


Itinity based on Drupal, on which made millions of sites around the world:

and many others
Itinity offers essentially more convenient and beneficial technology for creating and maintaining websites, in addition to the main features of the program core kernel.